On May 22nd, Michael McCastle,veteran, endurance athlete, philanthropist, and the founder of ‘Twelve Labors Project’ will attempt to raise much needed awareness for Veteran Suicide by pulling a 2.2 ton truck for 22 miles across Death Valley in the Mojave Desert–the hottest recorded desert in the world. He will pull the truck with a body harness one mile for every veteran life lost to suicide each day. Death Valley represents the mind of the afflicted; desolate, lonely and hopeless. The feat symbolizes hope for life. No matter what the environment around you is or what darkness the day brings, you can still come out of it very much alive and there are good people and organizations that are willing to help. They stand as beacons of light in the darkest voids for those seeking it. Please consider pledging a dollar amount for each mile completed. Along with none other veterans non-profits, our goal is 10,000 people donating at least $1 per mile.

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