Benefits for Veterans in California

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Objective: Resources provided by the state of California and not the federal government for homeless veterans.

Resource: https://www.calvet.ca.gov/VetServices/Pages/Housing-Supportive-Services.asp…

Time to read: 2 minutes

Veterans may be aware of the federal resources available to them after their service. If you know a veteran located in the state of California, help them out by letting them know about all the additional benefits available.

In addition to federal benefits, the state of California offers various benefits for local veterans. 1.8 million veterans live in the state of California. That’s 8% of the total US veteran population. The state expects to receive an additional 30,000 discharged members of the armed services each year for the next several years, which is more than any other state.

We know that the largest demand for benefits and services for veterans occurs immediately after discharge, and then increases again as veterans age, when they require greater access to medical facilities and long-term care services. Because there are so many veterans leaving the military after deployments to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus a large population of Vietnam veterans who are aging and need greater access to medical care, California is preparing for a sustained spike in earned services and benefits.

State benefits such as education, employment, healthcare, housing, and advocacy are available to veterans. Education programs include apprenticeship and on-the-job training, college degree and certificate programs, flight training, and correspondence courses. Veterans can further their education in the state of California with these resources (https://www.calvet.ca.gov/veteran-services-benefits/education). Unemployed veterans can benefit from resources including employment services to help them find a job, unemployment benefits for while they are seeking employment, and apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs that provide a salary while they prepare for a sustainable career (https://www.calvet.ca.gov/veteran-services-benefits/employment). The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest integrated healthcare system in the country. CalVet has homes in-state for veterans in need of long-term care.

Make sure your California-based veterans know about the state resources available to them.

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