A poem by veteran Rob Caudill

(Top- Down as service member speaking to spouse)

As a warrior standing poised and ready to fight for life once again

Awakened from the screams during the night, I must learn a new way of life supporting you

As we leave that world of chaos behind this is not an easy task, when you’re stuck in the past

I see the life in everything around us

That is why it is so hard to be with you; overtime I begin to appreciate it because

The effects of war slowly fade as the mind and heart heals

This is the hardest battle I must fight

A fearless and battle harden life forged in the heart of combat

Bearing witness to the atrocities of war through

The sights, sounds, smells, and fear ongoing in the mind each night

As you protect me from

The nightmares caused by man fighting for a piece of land

Remember to be patient with me as I try to understand

Your burden as you comfort me

This is the life you have chosen

And it is your strength that allows me to grow

Guiding from the dark tunnel with your glow

Comforting me as a welcoming host

As the years pass we create a new path

Form these gifts you give me creating this new way of life

I am thankful as a spouse

(Bottom- Up as the spouse speaking to service member)


Copyright Robert Caudill 2016. All Rights Reserved.