Mia Roseberry of Wounded Warrior Homes interviewed June 6th, 2016 with Rise Up Radio speaking about the services and support her small team contributes to the San Diego veteran community.

San Diego is home to more than 95,000 military personnel. Steve and Mia Roseberry founded a local non-profit, called Wounded Warrior Homes, in 2011 to assist men and women who recently have existed the military. The transitional housing is provided to the men and women who face issues like PTSD, Depression, and loss of family or support system. Many times, veterans exist the military and on average, their Federal benefits will not be received or possibly even processed for 263 days after being discharged.

Often times, veterans have grown so accustomed to tackling issues by themselves that they wont ask for help. Reportedly, 22 veterans fall to suicide daily. Battling stress, their medical history, PTSD, and lack of shelter is a heavy load to combat while trying to reintegrate with civilian society.

Wounded Warrior Homes urges any veteran from any service to call her non-profit and be housed immediately. The non-profit takes time while welcoming veterans to ask two genuine questions, “What do you need first? What can we do for you?” Whether the answer is car insurance, PTSD treatments, food, childcare, or transportation, Wounded Warrior Homes will make the connection for the veteran in need so they can get immediate assistance.

Many organizations attempt to offer one or two key services but the problem is, veterans need more resources than the obvious housing and metal health support. Wounded Warrior Homes wants to help this veteran community in whatever way possible. Her agenda is to help all veterans period. Not just to be a reputable non-profit in an over saturated veteran community.

For her relentless efforts throughout 2015, Mia was awarded the Women who mean Business Award and was featured on Rise Up Radio as ‘Hero of the Week’. Mia Roseberry is thankful for San Diego’s support and will continue to push her organization to service veterans in need however she can.

Please help support Wounded Warrior Homes and the veterans who fought to protect our freedom. Please make a donation or write an encouraging note to the organization.

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