A veteran takes a journey into one of the most unforgiving places in the world to perform the seemingly impossible or as Mike McCastle calls it, the opportunity of a lifetime. McCastle is the kind of person who craves life-altering challenges that he can prove to himself and others the power of human strength. This time, Mike has set an unthinkable goal of pulling a 2.2-ton truck 22 miles in less than 22 hours through Death Valley, California where temperatures are predicted to reach a grueling 100 degrees on the day he plans to accomplish his goal, May 22.

Mike is no stranger to farfetched challenges however; this is the fifth of what McCastle calls “12 Labors” of superhuman strength. Amongst his success stories so far include setting a world record for pull-ups of 5,804, flipping a 230-pound tire 13 miles, and climbing a rope the height of Mount Everest, all for raising money and awareness for veteran causes.

 “It’s a small gesture for what they deal with day-to-day and the struggles they go through living life after returning back from service.”

For his most recent endeavor on May 22, Mike is trying to combat veteran suicide, a tragedy that has affected too many American friends and families, including McCastle himself. After having a comrade commit suicide, Mike wants to bring attention to the lack of care for veterans so that they may fight these invisible enemies after returning home from war. It’s a load McCastle is willing to carry to let his fellow veterans know that while the challenge may seem impossible, nothing is unobtainable.

With his enormous effort, McCastle is raising $10,000 to support this cause with the help of several anti-suicide organizations.