Veteran Housing Program

Veteran Transitional Housing

Wounded Warrior Homes looks to provide homes for veterans who served to protect ours. Veterans transitional housing is essential to service members returning from active duty. Many service members do not have the option to move home to continue their outpatient medical care and access the services they need. Families may live several hours from the closest VA Hospital or they may not live by one at all. By providing affordable transitional housing and hands-on resources, Wounded Warrior Homes provides a defined path for each member to transition from active-duty military service to a veteran of foreign wars. We are accepting applications for current availability.


Program Outline & Application

The transitional housing program is specifically designed for individuals who need stability & support during their transition out of the military.  Not every veteran qualifies for our housing program so be sure to fill out your application correctly.

Intake & Transformation

After a qualified member is approved for the housing program, the intake process begins. Wounded Warrior Homes fully assess the individual, and their unique needs to create a personalized transition plan.

Successful Transition

With the Veterans’ hard work and the comprehensive support of the Wounded Warrior Homes team, time and time again we are able to help our heroes transition successfully.

Housing Application

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