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Wounded Warrior Homes has created a Veteran Resource Center providing valuable and helpful information for United States’ military veterans who are transitioning from active duty into civilian life. Join our Veteran Resource Center community today and please share this resource center with any veterans in need.

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Veterans and Family Resource Center Categories

Post-Traumatic Stress

Leading information for veterans regarding Post Traumatic Stress



Legal for homeless veterans seeking aid or attempting to fulfill their legal obligations

Traumatic Brain Injury

Leading medical and community resources regarding Traumatic Brain Injury


Financial information provided to educate and assist homeless veterans


Information about housing programs specific to veteran’s needs

Community Resources

Free community services and or events that are welcoming and inviting to all veterans

Top Veteran Resource Center Content

Healthcare Reform for Veterans

Objective: To inform military personnel and their families of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ reform. Time to read: 4 minutes Resource:… Health care for veterans is changing for the...

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Rise Up Radio featuring Mia Roseberry

Mia Roseberry of Wounded Warrior Homes interviewed June 6th, 2016 with Rise Up Radio speaking about the services and support her small team contributes to the San Diego veteran community. San Diego is home to more than 95,000 military personnel. Steve and Mia...

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State Food Program for Veterans

Objective: To make veterans aware of special food programs available to them and their families in hard financial times. Resources: http:/// Time...

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Pups for veterans

Objective: Providing a companion for homeless veterans to aid emotional and physical rehabilitation. Service dogs that help treat cognitive problems and loyal friend for vets Resource/Influence: Next Step Service Dogs Time to read: 2 minutes Veterans returning from...

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Help for Homeless Women Veterans

Objective: Providing information specifically for homeless individuals who are women with children. Resource: Time to read: 1 minute Homelessness among women veterans is expected to rise as more and more women...

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TBI symptoms affecting veterans and their loved ones

Objective: Providing information about cognitive research, how it applies to TBI and providing information to family members. Resource: Time to read: 2 minutes Traumatic Brain...

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Homeless Court Program: Reintegrating our people

Objective: Providing legal information about court programs with court sentencing specific to homeless needs. Time to read: 3 minutes Sources/Influencers: San Diego Homeless Court Program and the Commission on Homelessness and Poverty. Out-casted members of society...

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