Healthcare Reform for Veterans

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Objective: To inform military personnel and their families of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ reform.

Time to read: 4 minutes

Resource: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2016/07/05…

Health care for veterans is changing for the better. Early this July the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs spoke about the flawed health care system for veterans. A national commission recommended the reform of the Department of Veterans Affairs; health care options for veterans are expected to expand. The commission report said “[W]e believe these recommendations are essential to ensure that our nation’s veterans receive the health care they need and deserve, both now and in the future.” The nation’s largest health-care system is the VA, and it’s about to get some much needed attention.

Right now, the VA suffers “many profound deficiencies” regarding accessible care. The largest adjustments needed are arduous waiting periods and sparse locations. The proposed solution is a community network of care, including the Department of Defense facilities, other federal facilities, and private doctors and hospitals approved by the Veterans Health Administration. Currently, if a healthcare appointment for a veteran exceeds the wait time of a month, or that veteran resides more than 40 miles away for the VA, that individual is only eligible for ‘outside care’. The proposed community network would eradicate those restrictions giving veterans more locations to visit and attentive healthcare in a timely manner.

The commission also recommended changes to leadership, better operations, and updated computer systems. There will be many more developments related to the new report over the coming months, so be sure to look out for updates. While the VA is finally receiving its long overdue reform, Wounded Warrior Homes is still providing transitional housing to veterans in need of shelter while they make their next steps into the civilian world. Reorganizing finances, medical needs, caring for dependents, and coping with PTSD is a heavy burden. We’d like to encourage the community to become a volunteer to help build houses for veterans or to donate to the Wounded Warrior Homes organization so we can continue to bring you resources and information that can impact the lives of veterans across the nation. Contributions big or small make an impact on how you can serve the men and women who protected your freedom.