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Information for Donors

Action Donation Services operates throughout the United States. They have exclusive agreements to process the property donations for some of America’s finest charities. They provide free towing and expertly process all required DMV and IRS documents.

They maximize the sales price of your donation and the amount of return on your charitable contribution by utilizing their expertise in the industry to assess each donation and assign it to the proper facility. When feasible, they administer significant material improvements to donations in order to increase their selling price benefiting both the donor (larger deduction) and the charity. They are a licensed auto dealer, enabling them to retail vehicles. Whenever feasible, they sell their donations at retail (not wholesale) which further increases the selling price of donated property.

Their state-of-the-art database allows them to track and manage all donated property with just a few keystrokes. From their offices, they can monitor each donation at any point in the process anywhere in the USA. This allows them to track and maximize the value of your donation from the time it is picked up to the time your official IRS tax receipt is mailed to you.

In addition to having their own auction and retail facility, they contract with the most reputable towing and auction companies in the nation, allowing them to minimize handling fees and maximize the return on all donated property nationwide.

Action Donation Services is registered as a Commercial Fundraising Organization in every state where they either advertise or have client charities. They are meticulous in following all state and national guidelines including registration requirements, DMV, and IRS regulations. Of course, registration with any government organization does not imply in any way their endorsement, sanctioning, or approval of any commercial fundraising program.

Action Donation Services prides itself on running the best facilitating company in the nation, benefiting both the donor and the charity!